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About 24th West Organics

    24th West Organics
    BA @24th_west_organix
    Premium Hemp ✖️Lavender
    Organic Cultivation
    Family owned farm located in the White Mountains of Arizona.

    24th West Organics

    We’re looking to alleviate the stigma associated with cannabis in order to bring forth a brighter, less dependent future for generations to come. We’ve seen the effects cannabis has on addiction first hand and it is not something to be taken lightly. When you see a good friend or a loved one go from handfuls of prescribed medications a day, down to strictly the necessities with the use of cannabis, it changes everything.
    We love what we do. We believe in what we are doing. And most importantly we’re thankful for the people that understand our vision.

    Damn hippies.

    Slinging beans if you’re in need.

    Premium hemp flower.

    Hemp root from fiber to powder. So many hidden gems behind the scenes.

    It’s in the soil.

    Arizona provides.

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