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7812 E Acoma Dr, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

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    Hypur provides electronic payments for industries that otherwise would not have access to legitimate merchant processing.

    Hypur offers the convenience and security of mainstream payments without the frustrations, unreliability, and awkwardness of niche payment schemes. Enjoy the convenience of card payments without the security risks associated with work-around payment options.

    Hypur Inc

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    7812 E Acoma Dr, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

    Innovative Solutions for a Changing World

    Hypur was founded on the belief that legitimate businesses should have access to basic banking services – like a bank account and proper electronic payments.

    Unfortunately, businesses in many industries struggle to maintain basic banking services because financial institutions simply don’t have the tools to serve them. Traditional banking and payment systems weren’t designed for emerging, highly-regulated and cash intensive businesses.

    Our technology bridges the gap between traditional banking and payment systems and the unique needs of these businesses so financial institutions can confidently serve these industries.

    Our banking solutions add incredible insight and transparency into a business and our payment solutions add a layer of security that protects consumers, merchants and financial institutions from fraud and non-permissible transactions.


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