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    Clean Labs is a Cannabis production lab based in Prescott Valley, Az. We specialize in all aspects of extraction and infusion from plant to finished product. We are a family owned business that strives to produce a pure, consistent, effective, and accurate line of products.

    Our process begins as high quality medical grade Cannabis which, through a series of various methods including distillation we are able to achieve an extremely potent essential oil rich in THC and other major Cannabinoids. The next step in the process is testing this oil for Cannabinoid content using our own HPLC machine. This oil is then formulated into a recipe for one our various products.

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    Clean Labs Az


    Our process begins as high quality medical grade Cannabis which, through a series of various methods including distillation we are able to achieve an extremely potent essential oil rich in THC and other  major Cannabinoids. The next step in the process is testing this oil for Cannabinoid content using our own HPLC machine. This oil is then formulated into a recipe for one our various products.

    High performance liquid chromatography is critical for us to ensure we are reaching our target active milligrams throughout our production. This machine is a type of column chromatography which works by pumping a diluted sample along with a solvent through a highly calibrated column. This column is set up to measure all major Cannabinoids through the use of lab grade standardized Cannabinoids. Our in house technician ensures that the machine is maintained properly and all the calibrations are current.



    Warm and Cozy

    Warm & Cozy is an instant hot chocolate which is 60mg per serving and is designed using high quality cocoa and natural caramel flavoring. A great choice for an extra strength edible on a cold evening!

    Rise and Shine

    Rise and Shine is a medicated instant latte drink and includes 30 mg of activated THC per serving. This recipe also incorporates ganoderma lucidium extract to act in tandem with the THC and caffeine. A great choice for a low dosed edible on a cold day!


    The Pucks Gummies were the first edible made in Clean Labs and continues to be a staple many Arizona dispensaries. The current line of gummies consists of 7 different flavors to appeal to a wide array of patients. These varieties include grape sangria, peach bellini, watermelon, tropical chili, strawberry cherry (CBD), sour apple, and blue raspberry. Each Gummy contains 20 active mgs of THC and a 10% addition of 2mgs of CBD. we offer these in 200mg and 100mg sizes. The formula is based from a german style master confectioner’s recipe and has been adapted specifically for Cannabis oil offering patients a consistent, high quality, easy to dose, and awesome tasting gummy!

    All of our gummies are completely made from scratch in a small batch process. Formulated for the highest quality in taste and texture as well as consistency in dosing. Pucks are inspired by the german style gummy bear and is an original recipe only found in the Arizona market. We are not “pucking” around over here!

    All of our gummies are formulated around active milligrams for consistency in dosing. Each Puck contains 20mg of THC and an additional 2mg of CBD per flavor. “What is the reason for fortifying the candy with CBD?” Pucks chooses to create a half spectrum gummy to stay true to the plant and offer some nuances otherwise lost in the distillation process. All of our products are formulated using a solventless, refined, Cannabis distillate  with no residuals which is unique to Clean Labs.


    Grape Sangria Gummy

    Our latest flavor concept inspired by a Spanish red sangria. This gummy is designed with a layering combination of mango, strawberry, and grape flavoring. Designed for a true gummy aficionado this gummy is rich and complex in flavor and intensity.

    Peach Bellini Gummy

     Pucks take on a champagne gummy influenced by the Peach Bellini cocktail. Despite the name there is no alcohol in these gummies this is merely a fun flavor great for the Arizona summers.

    Blue Raspberry Gummy

    As we all know, there is no such thing as a naturally occurring blue raspberry however, this flavor is a staple in the candy/beverage industry. We honored this cult classic by including a combination blueberry, and raspberry flavoring in attempts to stay true to the name. This flavor has become a fan favorite and it’s easy to see why.

    Tropical Chili Gummy

    Inspired by a latin style candy this gummy utilizes some chili extract for a subtle spice content. The tropical chili gummy is a mash up of guava, pineapple, and chili flavoring with a slightly higher acid profile. This style offers patients a tropical, fruit-forward candy with a depth of complexity. For those that do not enjoy spicy foods take the plunge and try it for yourself!

    Watermelon Gummy

    A refreshing watermelon flavored gummy and one of our first flavors produced. The flavor does an incredible job of masking any off flavors from the Cannabis extract. This gummy is well rounded and is a no brainer for all melon loving patients.

    Sour Apple Gummy

    Our version of a sour/pucker style gummy. This gummy has the highest amount acid by formula and is designed to complement the green apple flavor without overpowering the gummy.


    Vape Cartridges

    A 500mg cartridge made completely from a polished-refined and solvent-less distillate, formulated for accuracy and quality offering the patient a consistent dose with each and every puff. Our cartridges are C-cell tech  and fits all 510 thread batteries. We have a wide variety of flavors from natural strain specific cartridges designed with a matrix of terpenes and are constantly rotating these flavors to suit all preferences.


    3:1 Unscented Transdermal Lotion

    Designed to include the least amount of irritants and fragrances for a wide array of uses. Each bottle includes 150mg of activated THC along with 50mg of activated CBD equipped with an airless vacuum pump that dispenses a consistent dose. This topical is rich in essential oils that operate in in synergy with the Cannabinoid profile for effectiveness.


    Clean labs offers a limited ingredient all natural tincture in three different types ranging from THC to Hemp-derived CBD and 1:1 THC/CBD. Each tincture is formulated to have 300mg total Cannabinoids per bottle. The tincture is designed using organic almond oil, organic coconut oil, with a hint of peppermint and steam distilled botanical terpenes. These tinctures are a great way to ensure a minimal amount of calories and sugars while medicating, suiting most diets.

    THC Tincture

    CBD Tincture

    1-1 Tincture


    Clean Concentrates focuses on quality, consistency, and accuracy in every step of the process beginning with the initial plant material. Every gram of starting material is sourced from the highest the caliber cultivation facilities in AZ and is screened for quality prior to extraction. Terpene and Cannabinoid profiles are then pulled out through means of hydro-carbon extraction. To further refine the oil our team then implements a proprietary filtration process which can yield a nearly translucent and extremely pure form of concentrate. All of these measure ensure we are offering our patients the highest industry standard of concentrated Cannabis.


    Pucks is a Cannabis Confection brand that is powered by Clean Concentrate Labs, based out of the Nirvana Center Prescott Valley, AZ, formerly known as Yavapai Herbal Services. As a Cannabis group, we sought to create an in-house edible line for our growing locations. Gummies seemed like an obvious first product due to the popularity of other brands. Striving for something premium and small-batch, we began building the best version of the German-style gummy bear, made completely from scratch with sourced ingredients, that could accommodate the somewhat peculiar taste of Cannabis extract. The next task was to design a custom mold that would leave each gummy with a 20mg stamp on top.The main motivation for this was to separate ourselves as a medicinal gummy vs a store-bought, generic shaped gummy. Another aspect that makes us unique is that Pucks operates from a facility with a fully functioning analytic lab and on-site technician. This allows us the ability to test not only the source plant material, but also the extract used in the formula, as well as the finished product. We decided to use clear lab-quality containers to demonstrate the transparity of the brand. The first batch of Pucks hit shelves in August 2016 with an overwhelmingly positive response. The patients’ comments were extremely encouraging to us: “The most medicinal gummy on the market”; “Best tasting edible on the floor”. We immediately began testing other flavor varietals and landed on Tropical Chili, Peach Bellini, and Blue Raspberry, all of which were well-received. Recently we have introduced two brand new flavors to the market: Sour Apple and Grape Sangria, with a 10% CBD content to the dose. The feedback from patients at our locations has been so positive that we will be switching all of our flavors over to this formula in 2019. Pucks began branching out slowly into the wholesale market in summer 2018 and will soon be available at most premium dispensaries in the Valley area. We are currently testing some new products that we hope to release this fall, fingers crossed.  It has been a privilege to be able to introduce something different to our patient community and we would never have had this momentum without them. We also appreciate our truly talented staff who strive to sustain the standard of our brand, gummy by delicious gummy.

    – Brandon Higgins, General Manager

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