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    At Dr Phil Good, our mission is to assist our patients in achieving their highest possible quality of life, at a price they can afford. We have slashed our pricing to allow our patients to get the medical marijuana they need without breaking their budgets. Our cards are the cheapest in Phoenix at just $60 plus the required state fee of $150, which means you can get your medical marijuana card for just $210 total! For EBT cardholders, the state fee is reduced to just $75. Schedule an appointment with our marijuana doctors in Phoenix today!

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    There are at least two major active chemicals in marijuana that researchers think have medicinal applications (there are up to 79 known active compounds). Those two are cannabidiol (CBD) — which seems to impact the brain mostly without a high— and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — which has pain relieving (and other) properties.

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    The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Card In Arizona

    Its more important than EVER to have an Arizona Medical Marijuana card.

    Why you need medical marijuana card after AZ 207 BENEFITS of medical marijuana card in Arizona Include:

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

    Yes as a patient you need to have the card to have the following benefits.

    1. With out the card , Recreational marijuana would be subject to the normal sales tax rate and an additional 16% excise tax a total of 25% (AZ Medical Marijuana card holders will not have to pay the excise tax). Besides the direct tax savings, “you can write off your meds” on your state taxes if you’re a cardholder
    2. As a patient with card you will get the highest quality cannabis products. Arizona governor signed the AZ Senate Bill 1494 requires that all medical marijuana products sold in licensed dispensaries be independently lab tested by November 1, 2020. Testing labs must be accredited and must have no financial relationship with any dispensaries. The measure also reduces application fees for medical cannabis card holders.
    3. Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act (the “AMMA”) is one of the most unique in the nation. It was the first law to explicitly provide statutory protection against employment discrimination for one’s status as a MMJ cardholder.(A.R.S. § 36-2813 )


    • Employment Protection
    • Housing Protection
    • Higher Quality Medical Grade Products
    • Grade Products
    • Lowest Cost Cannabis
    • Smaller lines / quicker wait times
    • Patients of age between ages 18 – 20 years old are still eligible to get a Medical card (Recreational only available for 21+ years of age only)

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