The Cannabis Market is heading toward normalization in terms of minimum standards of testing, packaging and labeling. It is also scaling up to achieve best efficiencies, along with, food and medical quality. Its even more critical with all the growth ahead and sudden decision making required, to have the right team – one with a breadth of experience and yet very flexible and responsive to issues.

Mr. Mesch is a recognized serial entrepreneur in the US and Europe, an experienced CEO and Chairman of a $1.5B pubic company he founded, and a committed corporate and community Board member. His background has primarily been in industrial automation, datacomms, fiberoptic networks, internet services. He also was founding investor/Chairman of an FDA approved Medical Diagnostics company.

Mr. Mesch through companies he has lead, has raised several billion dollars in US and European capital markets, acquired nine European companies, and executed very successful IPOs on NASDAQ and EuroNEXT stock exchanges. Mr Mesch in 1999 was named the Dutch Entrepreneur of the Year for Electronics industries and Dutch IPO of the year. Private and VC investors in his Dutch Teleco received 100X returns on their investment!