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505 S Chandler Village Dr, Chandler, AZ 85226, USA

About Fresh Start Wellness CBD

We sell high quality full spectrum CBDs. We have gummies, MCT oil tinctures, Salves for topical use, capsules, and even a dog/cat CBD line.

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505 S Chandler Village Dr, Chandler, AZ 85226, USA

About Fresh Start CBD

Being healthy, in good shape, and of sound mind does not have to be hard! If you are overweight or are struggling with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, allergies or a combination of any of the above, then it’s time to stop and get help to recover your health, because you’re worth it. If you’ve found that no matter what you do, your health doesn’t improve, then Casey Grant, founder of Fresh Start Wellness, can help you create a real life approach to nutrition!

Based in Chandler, Arizona and serving clients nationwide,

our mission is to give people the ability and tools to improve their life, bodies, and their minds with a real-life approach to nutrition and exercise.

We provide tailored…
  • Nutrition plans
  • All natural, organic, therapeutic grade supplements programs
  • Zyto 5.0 Health Scans
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Exercise plans
  • Healthy recipes
  • and more…
…to local Chandler residents of all ages and walks of life, while taking a holistic approach – focusing on overall mind, body, and spiritual health.
Our vision can be summed up by this quote from Louise L. Hay, renowned self-help and inspirational author:
“There is nothing you can’t heal…
if you can only change the way you feel.”
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Unlike other labs, we don’t spray or “hand infuse” CBD onto the product, since much of the dose can miss the product or get cooked off.

Using True Nano Technology, the most advanced method available, CBD is truly infused into our products. If the label says 100 mg, it’s 100 mg, period! This means that a 100 mg dosed Fresh Start product will feel stronger than a 100 mg product that is not prepared with True Nano Technology.

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As you browse through our product line you may find that the actual prices are comparable to those offered by other CBD companies. But pay close attention to the dosage of those products. What you’ll see is that while our prices are the same, our products are actually packaged with more milligrams (mg). So you’re paying less per milligram.

For example:
Fresh Start 100 mg Salve: $25
Other Company 50 mg Salve: $25

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The product that has changed people’s lives! Our salve is a therapeutic, analgesic blend of coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and a proprietary blend of essential oils. Available in Cooling, Regular, or Lidocaine formulas.

Dosage options ranges of 100mg to 600mg. Click the button to view all options.

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The best glycerin or coconut tinctures you’ll ever try! We use True Nano Technology to create products unrivaled in bio-availability and taste.

Options range from 100mg to 4000mg depending on product choice.
Click the button to view all options.

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Power packed with benefits from multiple plant medicines. Our multi-phasic fiber blend can aid in digestion, calcium absorption and cholesterol management.

Dosage options range from 25mg to 3000mg. Click the button to view all options.

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We offer a variety of CBD edibles from caramels and gummies to the purest Arizona Honey!

Starts at 10 mg per piece.
Click the button to view all options.

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Our isolates utilize only the purest and most potent Hemp CBD available from licensed U.S. Hemp Farms. Available in dosing ranges from 250 mg to 1,000 mg (1 gram).

Our perfectly crystallized shatter is 5% infused with the best organic terpenes available! Available in 250 mg to 1,000 mg (1 gram). Click the button to view all options.

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Flavorful and effective, they offer deep, rich flavors, the highest quality tanks and consistent amounts of medicine in every draw. 300mg Vape. Click the button to view flavors.

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Pets: We say “be true to your pets” and give them CBD to improve their quality of life! Made with only the finest products, we offer a special Tincture for all Pets.

For those Cat lovers we offer a special 300mg Catnip Tincture.

For the Dog lovers we offer a 300mg bacon flavored Tincture or Bacon flavored Dog Biscuits in 100mg/20 piece packages. Click the button to view all options.

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