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    Our Mission
    Founded by chemist Dr. Kimberly Lincoln, GLAUX CHEM®'s mission is to help those with skincare needs by creating natural products inspired by Mother Nature.

    Our patented hemp skincare products contain 100% NON-TOXIC ingredients that are good for you and the planet. We vow to create natural plant-derived formulas free of chemicals that disrupt your hormone levels and pollute the environment.

    No human-made ingredients.



    Why GLAUX CHEM®?

    The skincare industry needs a revolution.  We turned to hemp and plant oils to get the movement started.  By having increased education and awareness for top industry players and consumers alike, about the dangers of ingesting synthetic substances, we meet the demand for ORGANIC and NON-TOXIC products.

    Did you know that traditional skincare companies use:

    Toxic compounds (endocrine disruptors) as enhancers to allow deeper penetration of molecules into the skin.

    Preservatives to prevent microbial and fungal growth.

    Stabilizers to prevent spoilage.

    Man-made fragrances to cover up the smell of the above chemicals.

    Color additives to make the product visually appealing.

    All of these ingredients are cytotoxic; they are literally toxic to your cells. They give at least temporary superficial benefits in making the skin ‘glow’, but at the cost of the skin’s long term health.

    We 💚 Hemp

    Hemp oil contains a nourishing mixture of natural ingredients like lipids, vitamins, pigments, and minerals that HYDRATE, REPAIR, and PROTECT your skin from DRYNESS and AGING by enhancing the levels of natural fats in your skin’s layers, boosting hydration levels, and strengthening your barrier.


    Face & Body Oil

    $29.99 – $289.99


    FBO Bundle

    $54.99 – $114.99


    LBO Bundle

    $54.99 to $114.99


    Consuming cannabis, eating foods like hemp rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and regular cardio exercise are excellent ways to fuel your endocannabinoid system.
    ✨Behind the scenes✨Here’s Dr. Kimberly mixing and measuring the natural plant oils that make up GLAUX CHEM®’s skin nourishing products 🌿
    Restore, relax, and rejuvenate 🌿. A new year means a fresh opportunity to take better care of yourself and the planet. Spending time in nature 🌈, and eating a clean healthy plant-based diet, and caring for your skin with organic hemp products 💚 are ways to show yourself some personal love.
    How do you plan to love yourself in 2020?
    The #2018FarmBill passed the House of Representatives 😎. This bill is the beginning of a new revolution for #skincare and #hemp 💚!
    Unlike other moisturizers, GLAUX CHEM®’s effects don’t dry up as soon as it does. Once our oils have fully soaked in, they start working even harder for longterm, lasting effects on your skin. Because you deserve beautiful, glowing skin!
    No fake fragrances. No synthetic preservatives. No redness or itchiness ❌ All natural, all GLAUX CHEM®.
    Parabens, petrolatum, sulfates, oh my! 💀
    If these ingredients sound scary, it’s because they are. Synthetic chemicals in beauty products can throw off your hormone balance and even cause dry skin. .
    For your protection, GLAUX CHEM®’s products never have and never will contain any nasties. Our promise 💚

    Got Painfully Dry & Cracked Skin?

    Dry skin is annoying, uncomfortable, and not healthy.  In cases of extreme dryness, your skin can crack and bleed, making your condition a living nightmare.

    You apply copious amounts of lotion to ease the pain, but instead of providing relief, the cream burns, and your skin stays in a perpetual state of extreme dryness.  The cycle never ends, and you want nothing more than to end the spell of dry, cracked skin.

    To make matters worse, most of the creams out there are full of water and harsh chemicals like propylene glycol and benzoic acid that irritate and dry your skin out.

    Rather than heal and nourish your cracked skin, lotions exacerbate dryness.  Your skin is a naturally fatty organ and needs other oils, not water, to stay hydrated and healthy from the inside out.

    Adding natural oils like the ones from GLAUX CHEM® provides intense nourishment and hydration, giving immediate and effective relief your dry skin craves.


    What Causes Dry Skin?

    Dry skin happens for a wide range of reasons.  The bottom line is your skin’s internal water and oil levels are off-balance, and your outer layer is weak and prone to damage because your cells lack proper nutrients.

    If your skin is flaky, cracked, and irritated, these common causes of dry skin could be the reason why:

    —a side effect of medications, especially steroids and immunotherapy drugs

    —chronic inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis

    —medical conditions of diabetes, cancer, and hypothyroidism

    —burns, radiation, and chemotherapy  

    —ingredients in your beauty products

    —aging and hormone imbalances

    —living in a dry, desert climate


    How GLAUX CHEM® Benefits Dry Skin

    Science shows there are multiple causes of dry skin that can be fixed or aided with GLAUX CHEM®’s skinoils.

    Our patented hemp oil moisturizers prove breakthrough dry skin results. We guarantee you will feel and notice an improvement in the hydration and health of your skin within twenty four hours.


    They add water as a base, we add hemp oil 💚 They add phenoxyethanol as an anti-bacterial, we add hemp oil. They add mineral oil as a moisturizer, we add hemp oil. They add triethanolamine as a stabilizer, we add hemp oil.

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