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    The Nectar Collector was conceived in the backwoods of Oregon as a tool to simplify the process of using concentrates in the rugged conditions of mountain life. In its most humble beginnings, the first Nectar Collectors were simple straws; glass pipettes purchased from the chemistry supply shop. In summer 2011, Jefe Z presented the idea of vertical gear to world class glass pipe maker Kristian Merwin and the Honey Badger straw was born. Several months later and after some serious R&D the design for an in-line, water cooled, spill proof vertical unit came to Kristian like a lightning bolt from above, “I was sitting at my desk, preparing to work on drawings for an unrelated project when it came to me in a flash. I drew what I had imagined and went into the studio and made one. Within the hour I was taking a hit from the world’s first Nectar Collector. I knew instantly that I had struck gold.” (or perhaps Oil?) With the addition of water filtration the concept was complete.

    Kristian Merwin – Nectar Collector


    Kristian Merwin is a glass artist and entrepreneur living in Salt Lake City Utah. He began blowing glass in 2001 after a decade of living the high life as a professional rock climber. In 2011 he invented the Nectar Collector, which has become a very popular way to dab and given him the opportunity to create a world class brand around the product line that he continuously innovates.  Kristian’s work is strongly influenced by the mountains and deserts that surround him. His signature pieces combine organic shapes and colors in a way that suggests the tenacity and will to endure that life in the high and dry places exhibits.  “My background in engineering and a lifetime playing with gravity as a surfer, snowboarder and rock climber has given me a unique set of tools as an artist. My goal is to create pieces where form and function unite conveying a sense of balance and completeness. “

    As one of the two founders of Nectar Collector, Jefe brought his vision to glass wizard Kristian Merwin to create a new and innovative way for people to enjoy the variety of products that were beginning to appear on the landscape.  It is his mission to help create simple, convenient, beautiful, and tasty ways for people to enjoy life.



    Born in the rocky mountains in Salt Lake City, Jamie went through high school to the new wave sounds of Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, and Oingo Boingo. His young work history started with jobs as a teacher for cub scouts, movie theater usher and popcorn slinger, the token fast food cook, and as an amateur magician.
    At Nectar Collector, Jamie takes care of everything for our brand and keeps the wires connected.  He spends as much time as possible outdoors but when he has to be serious he toils in design, art, rock hunting, lapidary, and jewelry.  Maybe toil is a bit strong.

    Raven Johnson is an artist working in many different media including electroforming, jewelry, sculpture, painting, leather work, and clothing design. At Nectar Collector he handles the shipping, quality control, and some of the production. He also does all of the electroforming for Nectar Collector as well as for many other glass artists. His work can be seen on Instagram under Ravendesigns.



    Chelsea Barton is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been a glass artist for about 7 years now and is the head glass blower for Nectar Collector. As someone who enjoys the outdoors, Chelsea likes to incorporate things she see in nature into her glasswork such as different species of leaves, acorns, and trees. She owns her own business, Autumn and Aspen, where she creates wood burn portraits of animals and landscapes onto wood plaques and furniture. She likes to involve her glass work in with the wood burned art to have a multi-medium touch to ensure a unique and one of a kind piece! Her passion is working in the art industry, and will continue to do what she loves for a lifetime!

    Lee takes care of Customer Service here at Nectar Collector. Have a problem? Lee will take care of you!.


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