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    If you live in Arizona, the law states that you can renew your card every two years. We are here to help you get your card as easy as possible. Call us today to schedule an appointment for the cheapest medical marijuana renewals in our safe, secure, confidential setting with our wonderful cannabis doctors. Are you unsure how the medical marijuana patient process works? Don’t worry we’re here to help answer all your questions about getting a medical marijuana card in Arizona. You’ve got questions, and we’ve got the answers. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything! We understand how confusing it can be to navigate the patient process, and our 420 doctors are here to help make it as painless as possible.

    Marijuana Cards

    We welcome you to come visit our physical location at 1512 W Bell Road in Phoenix Arizona 85023! The total cost is $249 out the door! If you use a debit card there is a small fee!

    For first time or renewal patients!

    The process is the easiest here at Marijuana Cards –

    1. Simply bring in your Arizona ID (the hard copy is best)
    2. Bring the total fee in either of these two ways
      1. All cash – if you bring the cash well get you change
      2. $99 cash for the certification and leave the state fee on a debit card ***MOST POPULAR***
      3. Leave it all on the card – Not a worry there is a $6 transaction fee but if you don’t mind its fine by us!
    3. Fill out the documents! Its a breeze! Just talk to our doctors about any kind of SEVERE AND CHRONIC PAIN that you have (especially lower back pain)! You could then find yourself in the easiest predicament ever approved by the doctor the same day!
    4. Process to the state! This is a process we handle for you ON THE SAME DAY! Here are some tips to make the trip extremely simple and easy for you to GET YOUR CARD!
      1. Have your AZ ID with no damages or cracks on it
      2. There are NO HATS or SUNGLASSES for the PHOTO – they are allowed to wear in the office so be ready.
      3. If you have EBT food stamps than it is IMPERATIVE that you bring in proof when you come in – if you pay the discounted price for the EBT program then you will need the proof before we process to the state!
        1. EBT card with your name embedded in white in the front (not the back)
        2. EBT acceptance letter from the state dept. (They will not accept the internet version only hard)
      4.  Talk about your lower back pain! Its quick easy and no documents needed! Simply talk about your pain and we take care of the rest!
      5. We accommodate for COVID-19 with Arizona still being one of the highest influence rates in the nation we are prepared to keep you as safe as possible! Visit our location WITH A MASK!! It is required for us to do our part! We are here to help make this as easy as possible and bringing that helps
    5. With the new laws in place we have to process your card to the state with your permission using the Individual Licencing Portal Provided to the state! Please have this information handy when coming to the appointment!


    1512 W BELL ROAD #5 PHOENIX ARIZONA 85023 our office hours are MONDAY – SUNDAY from 10 a.m. -6 p.m.

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