Hand Crafted, Locally Sourced and Tested Products
    50% of our grown medicines are dedicated to Edibles in Phoenix. We pride our selves on some of the best Flowers in Phoenix. We’re so proud to launch OG Zonka Medibles in Phoenix again!!

    Full Spectrum CBD, Isolates, Distillates and Concentates available
    We are licensed through a state licensed facility and caretaked by 3 master growers

    Owner operated, Patient Driven
    With a combined 30 years in the industry just in the ownership, we bring experience and passion to the kitchen. Were not only Chefs, were patients.


    Welcome to OG Zonka Brand Products


    Offering Top Quality Flower, rosin, RSO and now Edibles to Select AZ’s Dispensaries!

    Edible’s Launching Jan 25th at ANC!


    Contact our Wholesale Team +1 (520) 719-0160

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    Edibles Produced out of ANC Kitchen

    Available in 28 dispensaries now!!!

    OG Zonka Farms, LLC

    Arizona natural concepts care free

    +1 (520) 719-0160


    Monday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm

    Launching Jan 29th

    Coming soon!!!

    OG Zonka Shoes by Convicted Creations

    OG Zonka 1 by the hemp chef/Convicted Creations #thehempchef shoes https://www.aliveshoes.com/og-zonka

    OG Zonka 1

    Hand made itailIan chef shoes

    Hempful Farms 1

    Hand made Italian leather

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    We have other shoes now available!

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