About Resinate

    Resinate is a team driven to redesign bad systems.

    We’ve made it our mission to capture and unicycle cannabis packaging, which mostly ends up in landfills and ecosystems, sometimes oceans.

    We’ve learned how to recycle this material and produce new, useful, durable and recyclable products from it. So we’re redesigning and soon launching the production of a better, stronger, more sustainable rolling tray for cannabis users. And we're very excited... Here's why:

    Most pop-top dispensary containers can't be recycled by the city!
    Thousands of tons... Until now.

    Small plastics literally fall through the cracks of the recycling system.

    So Resinate is recycling it, turning it into new products, and building the circular economy at a local level.

    We help dispensaries and patients live more sustainably.

    Watch our social media for our upcoming products, parties, giveaways and partnerships with some of your favorite brands.


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