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    ROSINBOMB started as a family business, tracing its roots back to a decades long tradition of machinery creation. With a passion for innovation and a hunger for healthy organics, Ryan Mayer, ROSINBOMB’s founder, created the most powerful, electronic rosin press with the ability to process the highest yield. Though ROSINBOMB is a forerunner in the industry, the company continues to evolve and flourish. ROSINBOMB presses are manufactured to be the premier quality presses available today. Our elegant, stainless steel, fully electric and patent-pending technology delivers 5,000+ lbs of pressure designed to ensure the highest possible yield.

    Rosin Bomb

    ROSINBOMB is committed to quality, value and innovation. We strive to constantly improve our products and continue research and development.  Our goal is to produce the highest quality tools and accessories for consumers and professionals to create the best concentrates.



    After years of research and development to perfect an organic, high-yield, plug-and-play press, the ROSINBOMB Rocket and M-50 are the premium choices for personal and business use.  Ryan Mayer, ROSINBOMB’s founder, started his career in the business of apple press manufacturing.  From the beginning, he thought about how the factors of heat and pressure could affect yield, in order to create optimum, organic results.  The ROSINBOMB press is the technology to achieve the best yield for your concentrates.


    Why Rosin?

    Pure & Organic

    Rosin commonly refers to a concentrate, created by combining heat and pressure to produce a thick, oil-like substance derived from flowers or resin. A key benefit is the substance utilizes an organic process, which removes all plant matter and does not use chemicals.  Compare this to other extraction methods for processing, which use hydrocarbons to facilitate the production process. Most importantly, rosin produced with ROSINBOMB doesn’t retain residual hydrocarbons, which people ingest in commercially-produced, solvent-based extract products.  These other product’s taste, quality and healthiness may be compromised by solvents, like butane or propane.

    Rosin allows the user the flexibility of pulling from different source materials, including fresh or dried flower or resin, to create a mix of varietals the user seeks to impart through many types of ingestion. Rosin gives users options. Professionals and connoisseurs, using ROSINBOMB, are able mix their own blends, without chemistry knowledge, and with safety from risky, chemical-based production methods.


    If you assume $150 per once or per 28 grams for flowers, the yield you should anticipate with ROSINBOMB is approximately 20% or around 5.6 grams of rosin (this is assuming an average yield and will vary based on a variety of factors inherent in your source material).  Given this estimate, the per gram cost of rosin produced with ROSINBOMB would be approximately $27 per gram ($150/5.6 grams). Rosin can retail from approx. $60 per gram (and higher in various regions). Therefore, making your own rosin (at $27 per gram) gives you a 50% savings per gram.

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