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About Sprinkle THC

    We are all family.
    Sprinkle was founded on the basis of wanting to solve common widespread issues with cannabis consumers and their edible products.

    From inconsistencies in how edible products made the consumer feel, slow effects and the use of large amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients.

    We decided we wanted to pursue providing consumers with an all-natural — sugar & gluten-free alternative with no “grassy” flavors, that could be used with anything. To make anything an edible, with feel good effects in minutes, not hours, consistently.

    Our focus is to provide you with the best possible functional cannabis products from day zero. Make every day bright, now, not later.

    And with that we give you Sprinkle Dissolvables, enjoy with anything ❤️.

    Sprinkle THC

     Nitro THC™

    Are you a licensed dispensary, brand or cannabis processor? Wanting to incorporate Nitro THC into your products? Let’s chat.

    Used in all of our Sprinkle Dissolvable products. Nitro THC is a flavorless, odorless, water-soluble powder formulated using proprietary patent-pending technology & cutting-edge science to provide a fast-acting & consistent experience for our valued cannabis customers.


    Products using Nitro THC (including our own Sprinkle Dissolvable line) are 600-700% more bio-available for the body to absorb. What does that mean for you?

    Well, the human body when consuming traditional edibles made with THC distillate, only absorbs roughly 10% of the THC ingredient. Meaning out of a 100mg edible, only 10mg is actually processed into the blood stream, while about 90mg is excreted in waste.

    With Nitro THC, the body absorbs upwards of 600-700% more of the active THC ingredient, in turn 70-80mg of your prized product is absorbed into your blood stream and felt via effects. AWESOME ISN’T IT!

    Fast Acting Effects

    To go along-side the exponential improvement of the bio-availability comes how quickly you feel the effects after ingestion. With edibles it can take at minimum of 30 minutes to start feeling effects due to its absorption rate in your gastrointestinal tract.

    Nitro THC fast-acting effects can be felt in as soon as 10 minutes, helping our consumers get to their feel-good place much more quickly and efficiently.


    As cannabis consumers know, anything made with THC distillate (an oil) clumps together when introduced to a water-based liquid.

    Nitro THC solves that problem by providing an ingredient that can be fully dissolved into water, coffee, juice, etc. within seconds.

    Temperature Resistant

    Feel like cooking? Incorporate Nitro THC into any food recipe (brownies, cookies, gummies, etc). (Hint for consumers, use Sprinkle Dissolvables).

    Turning your old recipe into a Nitro THC supercharged, fast-acting and highly bio-available end-product.

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