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    The highest grade medicinal CBD/CBG/CBN/CBC products now being made with nano-technology!!

    The Happy Hippie

    Purpose-Driven Beginnings

    We’re Jodi and Steven Ross, the founders of The Happy Hippie, based in Northern Arizona. We have been working in the medical marijuana and cannabis wellness industries since 2017.

    Photo by Breeanya Hinkel, Prescott Woman's Magazine, 2022
    Photo by Breeanya Hinkel, Prescott Woman’s Magazine, 2022

    It was after research into alternative therapies for Jodi’s chronic health concerns that the idea for The Happy Hippie began to germinate. (Jodi is the Happy Hippie!) 🙂

    Steven knew specific Cannabis compounds could help Jodi, but he’d learned a great deal about the poor quality of most products, when working in quality control and supply chain, in dispensaries and labs…

    Most Cannabis extract products are made of cheap materials, not certified by 3rd-party lab tests, re-bottling bulk material (including foreign oil blends not subject to testing for heavy metals and pesticides), and even found cases where label claims were falsified.

    The Happy Hippie Is Born

    “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

    And so it began. Steven set out to develop his own cannabinoid elixirs and lotions, uniting science and ethics with the drive to help his wife feel better. This personal mission quickly became a public offering, with friends and family rapidly learning of these powerful formulas, and the business was started.

    What started as word of mouth, became appearances at markets, expos and festivals (including the 2022 Errl Cup where our Miracle Cream took first place in the Topicals division!), and clinical business (physicians using our products on patients).

    Our goal? Provide you targeted formulas, containing high-quality ingredients and high-integrity manufacturing, at an affordable price!

    The Hippie Difference

    Our products are truly one of a kind. And produced with Love!

    • Raw Materials – Vetted for their strength and purity, and sourced from credible sources. We do not cut costs.
    • Manufacturing – Built on procedures with continuous improvement at the heart of the quality. We do not outsource manufacturing.
    • Not Just CBD – Cannabidiol (CBD) is amazing, but why stop there? Our products also include the therapeutic compounds  cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN).
    • THC-Free – We do not allow detectable levels of THC into our products.
    • Entourage Effect – The entourage effect relates to many possible combinations of chemical constituents in Cannabis that give it its full potential. Our products combine specific cannabinoids and terpenes that work in synergy to have specific goals accomplished. Most “CBD products” on the market lack the additional cannabinoids (not just CBD) or terpenes to truly target the intended benefits.
    • Superior CBD – We use CBD isolate – not full or broad-spectrum oils – that provides the same potency and results, time after time, rather than variance from batch to batch.
    • Real Amounts – Each of our ingredients is precisely measured each time, however many of our competitors use a blend of oils totaling a set amount, but individual designations are never given. We are explicit and tell you what’s going into your body. You can believe our labeling.

    We’re here to answer any questions you have about our products or using cannabinoids for their health benefits. We also provide wholesale pricing to qualified health professionals and retail stores.

    In Prescott Valley, find our products in these stores:
    – Pet Headquarters
    – MJ Consulting
    – Prescott Valley Chiropractic
    – Smoke N Thingz
    – Desert Flower CBD and Wellness




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